Updated Office Procedures for Well Visits, Flu Vaccines, and COVID-19 Testing

Growth and Wellness Pediatrics continues to be open and available for in-office and telehealth visits. Scheduling well child visits can be done either online through the patient portal or by calling our office at 240-630-8882. Well child visits are essential for tracking a child’s growth and development and for administering vaccines. We do not recommend postponing or cancelling these important preventative appointments. For children and teens who will be starting back at school, daycare, sports, or college in the next few months, a yearly well exam is required before any forms can be completed.


We continue to follow CDC and AAP guidelines regarding the prevention of the spread of Coronavirus in our office including, requiring masks or face coverings for all staff, adults, and children over the age of 2, sanitizing of our office between patients, avoiding use of our waiting room, and ensuring that no one with coronavirus symptoms comes into the office.

Telehealth visits are available for anyone with signs of illness, behavioral concerns, mental health issues, routine medication checks, and for those with questions about COVID 19.  Please call the office if you would like to schedule a virtual visit. Same day appointments are available.

We also have the flu vaccine available, as we feel it is especially important this year, in light of the pandemic, that those over 6 months of age receive their flu shot this fall.  To schedule a flu shot appointment, please call the office or schedule through the portal.  (For safety reasons we are not offering walk-in appointments this year).

Finally, Privia has opened up an outdoor COVID testing facility in Gaithersburg, MD for any patient who needs a COVID19 test. If you would like to have your child tested (either because he/she has symptoms of coronavirus or because of exposure to someone with COVID 19), please call the office first to schedule a brief virtual visit so that we can generate a referral for the testing.

As always, please call the office with any concerns or questions. Thank you for continuing to provide us with the privilege of caring for your children and your families.

Stay safe and well,

Gail Warner MD and Rebecca Levitt MD

Growth and Wellness Pediatrics